Welcome to Wellspring Naturopathic Clinic

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Founded in 2007 by Susan Sadler, the Wellspring Naturopathic Clinic is in a convenient location in O’Connor – you will find us between Leach Highway and South Street – there is plenty of free parking and easy access. (That’s really close to Fremantle without the parkiing fees and the traffic).

We are open Tuesday to Saturday with some evening appointments also available.  Perfect for people with busy lifestyles and hectic working schedules.

When you are looking for highly trained naturopathic practitioners who have skills in many areas – pain relief, hormonal disturbance, natural fertility, weight loss, sports psychology, anything from itchy rashes to stomach aches and pains – headaches and sleeping disorders – you can be assured you will find it here.  If your problem is not in this list .. don’t be concerned – our practitioners have experience in many areas and will be sure to be able to assist you with your needs.

Just give us a call to ask about what is bothering you.  08 9314 7005

We will refer you to the best possible choice for you and can also advise you on the optimal types of tests that can help to discover what is keeping you from not feeling on top of your game.
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We are also suppliers of top of the range quality practitioner products and herbals.  If you need assistance with nutritional supplementation you don’t need to be confused by the myriad products in the shop.  We know what it is like to stand in the health food shop and try to make a choice for yourself..  we can take you beyond that guess work and supply you with just what you need in products that we know work.


Our mission statement is to:

  • transform the health and vitality of all clients through the use of food and natural medicines
  • provide a service to our clients that exceeds normal expectations
  • enhance the sustainability of the planet.

Come in and see who we are:

Not only that – we are committed to giving back to those in under resourced areas so a percentage of our proceeds goes towards creating new sources of clean water in Third World countries.